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  • butterfly valve

    The butterfly valve is used in low-pressure pipeline. The flash-board of butterfly valve is steel disk, which revolve around the valve shaft to open or close the valve.

  • ball valve

    The ball valve is used for adjusting and controlling of the fluid. The flash-board is driven by the stem which move around the valve axis.

  • check valve

    The check valve is driven by internal fluid and which is opened and closed rely on the media itself, to prevent the back flow of the media.

  • double block & bleed valve

    The double block & bleed valve is a kind of new valve and suitable for aviation fuel,natural gas,liquid gas,pipeline gas,light oil, etc.

  • gate valve

    The gate valve is opened/closed by flash-board. The direction of running of the flash-board is vertical with internal fluid.The gate valve could only be fully open or fully closed and couldn’t be adju..

  • globe valve

    The globe valve is suitable for adjusting and cutting off the internal fluid.The flash-board of the globe valve is plug shape which run a straight movement along the center-line of the valve seat.

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